Caregivers of Neurospicy + Gender Diverse Youth

In this 5-week virtual counseling group, we embrace the beautiful intersections that come with parenting LGBTQI+ and neurospicy/neurodivergent youth. Our counseling group is a safe space for caregivers, whether your child or teen is diagnosed, self-diagnosed, and/or exploring these various aspects of their identity. We extend a warm invitation to all caregivers who are navigating these ways to support their children/teens with these intersecting identities.

Each week the group will have focused content each to learn, share and gain insight alongside our trained facilitators and group members, all who have lived experience. We will gather feedback over an initial survey and during our first session around the pressing questions, concerns and hopes of the group so that we can address them during our time together.

Questions? Reach out to or call us at 206-717-3990.


🔍 Diagnosed, Self-Diagnosed, Exploring: All Are Welcome

We understand that the journey of self-discovery and identity is unique for every youth. Whether your child has an official diagnosis, is in the process of self-discovery, or simply exploring their identity, you are welcomed to join us. Each family’s path is distinct.


🌶️ Neurospicy: A Term Embracing Neurodiversity

In the spirit of celebration and inclusivity, we proudly use the term “neurospicy” to describe the beautiful spectrum of the neurodivergent community. “Spicy” captures the dynamic experiences within the neurodivergent spectrum, honoring the richness that each person brings to the table. This term is particularly significant for those whose identities may have been dismissed as “mild” autism, and allows us to highlight the depth of their experiences. We honor however your child may identify within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and within their neurospiciness.


💬 Benefits of Group Counseling

Participating in our group offers a multitude of advantages, such as:

  • Empowerment Through Sharing: Gain valuable insights and strategies to empower and uplift your neurospicy and LGBTQI+ youth.
  • Insight and Skill Building: Learn from our counselors and group members around valuable tools and strategies to better support your neurospicy and LGBTQI+ youth.
  • Mutual Support: Form meaningful connections, where your child’s and families’ journey, regardless of diagnosis, is acknowledged and understood.

🌟 Why Join Our Counseling Group?

Parenting a neurospicy and LGBTQI+ child/teen is a dynamic and evolving experience, especially in a society that harms and stigmatizes these young people.

In our group, we honor the individual stories that make each family special. Whether you’re seeking guidance, sharing your experiences, or looking to connect with others who understand your unique circumstances – this counseling group provides a safe and nurturing space where caregivers can come together. Here, everyone is invited to share, learn, and grow together.

Why Join


Ash Warren, LICSW has over 20 years of experience in the field of behavioral health. This group is personal to him as both a neurospicy queer trans man and a parent of a gender diverse neurospicy school-age kid.

Ash Warren

Clara Rosebrock is a clinical intern and therapist to children, teens, and adults. As a queer woman, and sister of an autistic brother, she is passionate about this group to empower caregivers in honoring neurospicyness and gender diversity.

Clara Rosebrock


Location: Virtual

Time: Sundays from 4:30 PM-6:00 PM on 4/14, 4/28, 5/5, 5/19, and 6/2

Length of each session: 1.5 hours

5-Week Schedule:

  • Week 1: Welcome and Building Community
  • Week 2: Neurospicy Content
  • Week 3: Gender Diversity Content
  • Week 4: Where they Overlap
  • Week 5: Closing Our Time Together and Reflection

Rate: $200 for full 5-week series